1.         Do you have any personal background or meaningful experience in the arts?

During my elementary school years I started off playing the violin and then switched to the clarinet and piano.  I continued playing the clarinet through high school and into College where I was in the Lehigh University Marching Band. 

I enjoy photography and took a few photography classes in high school.  At summer camp I assisted in the photography program as a camp counselor.

2.         In which arts activities haver your children been involved in school?

My children have been involved in music, theatre and dance.

3.         Are you aware Arts Education is required for all students as part of New Jersey’s Student Learning Standards?


4.         Do you know that the arts are now a part of the NJ School Performance Reports for middle schools and high schools issued by the New Jersey Department of Education?


5,         It is widely acknowledged that the provision of a well-round curriculum is a key component of a high-quality education.  However with the recent emphasis on the implementation of Common Core for Language Arts Literacy and Math as well as the tests formerly known as PARCC assessments a recent survey revealed there has been a reduction in both time and program opportunities for students in the arts,  If this were true in your district would you support the narrowing of the curriculum in this way.

No.  We live in a community that aggressively supports the arts.  I will do whatever I can to ensure that all children have access to all arts program whether the program is during school hours or via an after-school activity. 

Studies show that if a child participates in the arts as part of his/her education, his/her scores on standardized tests increase.

6,         In 2016, former Governor Chiristie signed a new law requiring school districts to weight arts education courses the same as courses of equal rigor.  If elected, will you ensure the law is being applied to arts courses in your district,


7.     Extensive research has shown that the arts increase student engagement which is a key factor in addressing major educational challenges (closing the opportunity gap, reducing the dropout rate, preparing more students for college eligibility and developing the creativity needed in the 21st century workforce).  Are you aware of the benefits of arts education for all students?


8.         Have you or will you take a leadership position as an elected school board member that arts educational is a critical component in the education of your district’s students.