To the SOMA Justice and PARES Communities:

To the SOMA Justice and PARES Communities:

I, as well as some of my opponents in the 2019 South Orange/Maplewood Board of Education Election, were unable to complete the SOMA Justice and PARES Scorecard for 2019.

I personally was unable to complete the questionnaire, in the very short time-frame that was given, due to various work commitments, the Jewish Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), as well as other election commitments that I had made prior to getting the questionnaire.  Answering the questionnaire within the short time-frame allotted would not have enabled me to adequately convey my thoughts and  opinions.

I, as well as a few of my fellow candidates, remain dedicated to this community, to the school district as well as to our students.

My views on all the issues can be heard and have been heard at the debates/forums that have already occurred or that will occur in the very near future.  I will be attending your event which is scheduled for November 3rd where I will express my thoughts and views regarding the issues that this community holds dear to their hearts.


Carey P Smith

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